Call Centres: Industry Trends for 2017

By Phil Ruck, Managing Consultant, Mosaic Search & Selection Ltd

The call centre is the engine at the heart of a successful service-based business – and at the same time, it’s a complex business operation in itself.

As customers become more savvy about their consumer rights, and more driven by convenience, it’s increasingly important for call centres to hone and update their operations.

In 2017, the modern call centre should be efficient, proactive, and strategic in its approach to delivering excellent service. Here are just a few of the trends for this year that can help you achieve those goals.

Improved Analytics

Perhaps the biggest problem facing modern call centres is the steady increase in workload. The more customers you have to serve, the harder it becomes to use manual observation and monitoring techniques to keep track of data. That’s why sophisticated analytics programs have become a necessity.

The more accurately you can keep track of how customers are using your service – and how you are solving their problems – the better equipped you will be to troubleshoot company-wide issues and streamline your processes. Investing in quality analytics will definitely save you money in the long run.

Omni-Channel Communications

In 2016, omni-channel communications were a hot trend for call centres; this year, they’re still a key focus. The more tech-centred customers’ lives become, the more important it becomes to supply customer service across many different channels, whether it’s email, text message, social media, web chat, or the phone.

Offering this kind of variety means you can appeal to all kinds of customers. It can also increase efficiency. Some problems, for instance, can be easily resolved with a quick web chat rather than a time-consuming phone call.

Using the Cloud

Cloud communications are becoming the go-to method for service-based businesses. Using the cloud is particularly useful for call centres, as it enables seamless communication with remote agents, and easy omni-channel solutions. The cloud reduces the need for an expensive office site, giving your employees – and by extension, your customers – true flexibility.

With remote call agents being another big trend for 2017, cloud communications are certainly something to prioritise over the coming months.

A Useful Social Media Presence

Up until recently, social networking was viewed as a necessary promotional tool for businesses that didn’t require much customer engagement – you would post something interesting or useful, and the customer would interact by liking, sharing, or simply clicking through to your site. In the past year or so, that dynamic has started to change.

Now, customers want the conversation to go both ways and provide a valuable service. If they’re using Twitter or Facebook to engage with your company about a problem, you need to be able to address and resolve the problem publicly – negative or problematic comments can’t simply be ignored in this day and age.

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