The Importance of Diversity in your Management Team

In 2017, diversity is one of those business buzzwords that can get people’s eyes rolling. It’s often associated with negative phrases like "political correctness gone mad" – but the truth is, diversity is an oft-overlooked management tool which can make a huge impact on the successful running of your business.

Typically, diversity is seen as synonymous with the hiring of more women and ethnic minorities, but the original definition goes deeper. When something is "diverse" it is comprised of a wide variety of things; it celebrates difference and contrast, and battles against uniformity. From a business point of view, variety and difference equate to multiple viewpoints, and a rich mix of backgrounds, skills and experience. And that’s just the beginning.


The world is always changing, and successful businesses need to be able to adapt and change with it. Increasingly, more and more female, LGBT, and ethnic minority consumers are calling for more representation and visibility from the businesses they interact with.

In other words, these groups are seeking an authentic reflection of their lives and experiences. When companies fail to do that, whether by "whitewashing" their ad campaigns or failing to consider the specific needs and interests of female consumers, they are missing out on a huge opportunity (not to mention putting themselves in the firing line for bad publicity).

Hiring people from the groups listed above is one of the best ways to achieve an authentic connection with your consumers, and widen your understanding of your target markets.


When a business is struggling, it’s common to bring in a consultant who can identify issues and suggest effective resolutions. The chief benefit of hiring a consultant is that, as an outsider, they can be objective; their opinions are not swayed by staff dynamics or historic context.

While a management team can never be as impartial as an outside consultant, a diverse set of managers – all drawing on their own differing backgrounds, experiences and opinions – will be far more effective when it comes to fair decision-making than a group of people who all tick the same boxes.

Diversity of opinion amongst management staff, in other words, should always be cherished.


No matter how successful your business model, there’s always a need to future-proof. Managers should always be looking forward, trying to anticipate new problems and new consumer demands, and working out creative and cost-effective techniques that can facilitate change.

Ultimately, the same management diversity that can help you resolve problems and make fair decisions also allows for innovative modes of thinking. Diversify, and you can keep things fresh, creative and ready for change.

Hiring with Mosaic Search & Selection

At Mosaic we’re not about sourcing employees who tick the boxes on a superficial level – but we are committed to putting forward a diverse range of candidates who can offer their own unique world views, skills, and industry expertise.

Mosaic Search & Selection has specific industry experience within the Publishing, Call Centre and BPO sectors.  If you’re seeking a senior employee who can bring authenticity, innovation and a fresh new perspective to your business, get in touch with us today.  Our executive search will help locate the perfect person for the job.