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Effects of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the BPO Sector

Article by Matt Hyde, Managing Consultant, Mosaic Search & Selection

The emergence of automation and artificial intelligence are proving to affect every industry. With its progress into the BPO sector, let’s take a look at its effects.

The creativity and innovation that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) offers to the BPO sector are revolutionising the industry through accuracy, efficiency and by being more environmentally friendly. The ability to excel the functionality of BPO sites is easier than ever. This is thanks to AI offering improved customer experience, enhanced security, and the ability to leverage data. All of which are allowing the BPO sector to become much more intelligent with increased productivity.

According to huge companies such as American Express, they are seeing a 78% decrease in customer purchases due to poor customer experience. Consequently, the use of automation and AI helps to enhance a customer’s purchasing process leading to an in increase sales figures.

How Can Automation and AI Improve Customer Experience?

Companies in the BPO sector using automation and AI can improve their customer experience by offering: –

Instant responses

Through automation, customers are now able to talk to live chatbots answering queries immediately, speeding up the response process and allowing customers to enjoy a quicker communication line with the business.

Leveraging data

Artificial intelligence works to collect data much more efficiently than human beings. By utilising AI technology, BPO companies collect and leverage this key data to meet the demands of their customer.

Identifying patterns

Of course, this data collection can also identify patterns, which BPO companies uses to predict what their customers want and expect. Machine learning (ML) technologies can be trained to optimize business processes and outcomes. These tools use huge volumes of data to assess customer metrics such as intent, complaints, and satisfaction levels. These can maximize business strategies to align with customer’s needs and demands, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Increased safety

No business can ensure 100% security and safety of their data. However, by using AI, BPO companies can benefit from increased safety thanks to additional security tools and reducing human error.

To Conclude

In today’s data rich environment there are great advantages of using automation and AI within BPO sector. Not only can machine learning and technologies enhance your business, but they can also help to enhance customer satisfaction and increase the customer base.

Using the right BPO headhunter, your business can attract the best talent and tools to maximise the success of a BPO site. The right talent will know the best AI and automation techniques, working to improve the safety, efficiency, and success of your business.

At Mosaic Search, we work with only the top talent in the industry ensuring your clients get outstanding service through dynamic leadership from your senior team.
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