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Here's why headhunters aren't always the expensive option

Revenue. Overheads. Return on investment. If you’re a business owner, MD or CEO, you’ll spend a vast portion of your time talking about money. How much you’re making, how much you’re spending, and how you can spend less and make more.

As a result, many businesses find themselves balking at the idea of shelling out for what they deem as unnecessary expenses. But finding yourself in a position where you’re afraid to spend money on anything other than the absolute essentials can, in the long run, prove even more costly.

Take senior level job vacancies. A valued employee may be leaving, or you might have decided to expand your company, creating a new position that needs to be filled. In either case, you’ll be on the hunt for a skilled and experienced candidate who will hit the ground running. The question is: how do you locate such a person and get them into your company as quickly and smoothly as possible?

The Wrong Sort of Ad?

The automatic response is often to advertise online maybe using LinkedIn or in an industry magazine – but if you want the right calibre of people to respond to your advert, you’ll have to pay for it. Even then, you’ll only attract people who are actively seeking new work; worse still, you can run the risk of attracting applications from many people who just aren’t suited to the position, which can be a waste of time.

If you don’t want to go down the ad route, a strong alternative is headhunting. Some companies, anticipating this need, will employ in-house recruiters. This is a good start, but, when compared to a dedicated executive recruitment agency, they’re likely to lack the necessary expertise and contacts. Once again, you run the risk of your time being wasted.

Enter: a dedicated headhunting agency that can give you the most cost-effective solution for recruiting an experienced and skilled senior candidate. Instead of twiddling their thumbs waiting for replies to an ad, a headhunter uses their industry knowledge and contacts to actively seek out the perfect person for the job.

Finding the Perfect Match

They approach candidates who aren’t currently seeking another position, and sell the benefits of this new opportunity. If the candidate is interested, potential counter-offers from the existing employer are discussed (to avoid future hurdles), and the interview process is kicked off. Best of all? Experienced BPO headhunters will only ever approach a candidate who suits the role and the company perfectly – which means your time – and money – will never be wasted.

Mosaic Search & Selection is one of many Executive Recruitment Agencies out there, but on a retained search, our success rate is 99%. Our Managing Consultants have years of specific, invaluable industry experience in the sectors of Publishing, Business Process Outsourcing, and Financial Services. More than anything, we understand how important senior level employees are to the running of a company – that’s why we work hard to keep the executive search as quick, thorough, confidential and efficient as possible.

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