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How Customer Experience Will Be Enhanced in the Metaverse

How Customer Experience Will Be Enhanced in The Metaverse

By Matt Hyde, Managing Consultant, BPO

“Metaverse” has become a hot topic buzzword in recent years.  Although the concept has been around since the 90s, the Metaverse has become very real.  Businesses leapt into action when Facebook rebranded as Meta and committed to making the Metaverse a reality in 2021.

But now the concept is closer than ever, and everyone has had a chance to consider the implications, the time to start preparing for the Metaverse is here.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse was coined in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel Snow Crash in 1992. In the book, the Metaverse is a digital, virtual world where people communicate in the form of Avatars.

In 2021, Mark Zuckerburg announced that his company would redirect its focus to making this virtual environment a reality. The realities of the Metaverse and the finer details aren’t clear yet. However, the overall idea of the Metaverse hasn’t changed.

The Metaverse is a virtual network where people can interact in real-time in three dimensions as they would act in the real world. In the Metaverse, you can control an avatar to speak to others, go shopping, visit friends, present at work, and much more.

People will be able to access the Metaverse in various ways to live and connect with others as realistically as possible with no limitation on space or time.

The Metaverse for Business and Customer Support

The concept of the Metaverse is enormous and potentially life-changing for many. For businesses, especially those involved in customer services, the Metaverse offers a whole new way to interact with customers.

At Mosaic Search, we work with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies that connect digitally with other businesses and customers daily. Making virtual connections to communicate, streamline processes and use the latest technology to improve customer service is a vital part of the Metaverse.

As the Metaverse makes instant communication more accessible and more fluid, as well as introduces new contact points, businesses will increasingly rely on this technology to interact with customers. The Metaverse will introduce new environments, and developers can simply create new spaces and experiences to meet customer expectations. Customers will be able to put on a VR headset to enter the Metaverse and have an in-person experience with a call centre, their bank, or their colleagues. 

For customer service teams, call centres, and helpdesks, this means a hybrid form of collaboration between businesses and customers that will change how we work. Contact centres will move from physical buildings to buildings in the Metaverse.

Preparing for the Metaverse

Since the Metaverse will revolutionise how we work and communicate, businesses need to start preparing for it now. Although a fully-connected Metaverse is still at least a few years away, technology is already changing to prepare for the Metaverse.

With the Metaverse as the clear future of business and technology, companies that begin investing now will be the first to take advantage of the Metaverse. But preparing for this new approach isn’t easy. This technology requires experts who can implement changes for the future without compromising your current services.

Contact Mosaic Search today to find professionals to help your business prepare for the Metaverse.  Whether it is Publishing, Business Process Outsourcing or the Financial Services industries,we can help you find the industry’s top talent to take your company into the future.


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