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Why Egypt is an Emerging Location for Call Centres

By Matt Hyde, Managing Consultant

In recent years, Egypt has become a popular choice for outsourcers looking to open new call centres. With a knowledgeable workforce and minimal operational costs, Egypt stands out from other nations as an unparalleled opportunity for setting up a successful contact centre. As more and more businesses are now turning to Egypt for their call centre needs, let’s explore why this has become such a popular choice.

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Centres in Egypt


When it comes to outsourcing, Egypt offers a major advantage: an extensive and highly qualified workforce. The country has a population of over 100 million people and a highly educated workforce. This means that there is no shortage of skilled workers who can be hired to staff the call centre. In addition, the cost of labour in Egypt is much lower than in other countries, making it an attractive option for companies on a budget.


An additional benefit of establishing a call centre in Egypt is its superior infrastructure. The country has an extensive telecommunications network that includes both wired and wireless services, making it easy to set up and maintain communication with customers around the world. Additionally, many major international airlines offer direct flights from Europe and North America to Cairo International Airport, providing an effortless experience for businesses to dispatch personnel or equipment whenever necessary.


Finally, businesses looking to outsource their call centres often find that Egyptian culture makes it easier to get along with customers from different parts of the world due to its long history as one of the most culturally diverse regions on Earth.Egyptians have experience dealing with people from all walks of life and understand different cultures better than most nations do; this makes them ideal candidates for customer service positions.

In Conclusion

Egypt is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for outsourcers looking for a new location for their call centres. With its large labour force, low costs of operation, excellent infrastructure and cultural diversity, it’s easy to see why so many companies are choosing this country as their go-to spot for outsourcing operations such as customer service or telemarketing.

Map of Egypt with magnifying Glass

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