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Unleashing the Power of Work Placements: A 17-Year-Old's View

By Poppy Witney

Work placements have become a crucial stepping stone for young individuals seeking to explore their future career choices.  As a 17-year-old who recently completed a work placement at Mosaic Search and Selection,  I was fortunate to experience the vibrant and professional office environment first hand.  This invaluable opportunity not only offered a glimpse into the exciting world of Executive Search but also equipped me with essential skills.  Including crafting a compelling CV to immersing myself in the world of LinkedIn  along with gaining insights from experienced professionals.

The Power of a Strong Foundation

When I started my work placement, I quickly realised the importance of a well-crafted curriculum vitae (CV).  Generating my own CV from scratch taught me the significance of presenting myself effectively on paper.  With guidance from the team, I learned how to highlight my skills, experiences, and achievements in a concise and impactful manner.  This ensures that potential employers can quickly grasp the value I will bring to their organisations.  This exercise was an essential first step towards understanding the power of personal branding and how it can influence future career opportunities.

The Use of Online Presence in the Business World

My work placement has also shown me that LinkedIn has emerged as a vital platform for professional networking and career development.  I was introduced to the world of LinkedIn, learning how to optimise my profile.   This also allows me to connect with industry professionals, and showcase my achievements effectively.  In fact the team provided valuable insights into leveraging LinkedIn as a tool for building a professional network.   This is important to stay updated with industry trends, along with discovering potential job opportunities.  This experience highlighted the significance of establishing a strong online presence and how it can shape my career journey.

A Window into the Professional World

One of the most exciting aspects of my work placement was the opportunity to shadow experienced Consultants at Mosaic.  From day one, I was encouraged to actively participate in various aspects of the business, gaining practical knowledge about the executive search industry.   Furthermore, I witnessed the intricacies of client engagements, honed my research skills, and learnt how to identify and approach potential candidates.  Being an integral part of the team provided an immersive experience, allowing me to witness first hand the challenges and rewards of working in a fast-paced, professional office environment.

Becoming Part of the Team

Another vital lesson I learned during my work placement was the significance of teamwork and collaboration in a professional setting.  At Mosaic, teamwork was not merely a buzzword but an essential element of the company’s culture.  I had the opportunity to collaborate with consultants, researchers, and support staff, understanding the power of synergy and diverse perspectives.  This experience not only broadened my understanding of the importance of effective communication but also taught me the value of shared goals and collective efforts in achieving success.

Seizing the Opportunity

Completing a work placement at Mosaic has been a transformative experience, providing invaluable insights into the varied world of business.  From crafting an impactful CV, familiarising myself to LinkedIn and working alongside experienced professionals, I have gained skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape my career journey.  This experience has opened my eyes to the possibilities that await in the business world, and I am now better equipped to make informed decisions about my future career path.

To all fellow 17-year-olds, I strongly urge you to seize such opportunities and embark on your own work placement journey, as it can be a gateway to unlocking your true potential.


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